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For several years, physicians have been told about all of the wonderful new software systems that will help them to do practically “everything under the sun”.

The promises of tomorrow included many of the following, and probably more, empty statements from overly anxious software company sales people. Unfortunately, you may have had one of these experiences.

  • "Sure, there might be additional service fees down the road, but they shouldn't be very much."

  • “Our transcription service offers you the lowest possible price and best service in the entire market – guaranteed!”

  • “Of course this system creates real value for you and your patients. They'll love it!”

  • “Trust me, doctor, we'll take care of you!”

  • “That's right! An investment in our EMR (electronic medical records) system should fully pay for itself in 6 months or less!”

  • “I think we can do that, doctor.”

  • “Easy to use? Why, it sure is! Just ask one of the physicians on our payroll, I mean, customer lists.”

  • “Believe me, eventually you will need all of these features.”

  • “I'll check with programming and see if we can change that for you. It shouldn't be a problem.”

  • “Price? Believe me, it costs less than you think!'

Get the picture? If you understand what the above statements are all about, then you should begin to better understand Pragmedic Solutions. We are NOT the above . We are all about value-based solutions for today's physicians. That's it. We believe that's enough. We trust that you will agree.






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