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PragManage™ (Pragmedic Practice Management Solution)
PragManage™ is a Practice Management Solution for outpatient clinics looking for manage their patient health data and other practice related routine activities in a simple yet efficient way. Unlike traditional clinical software applications PragManage™ connects you with other practices to help build a better and well connected healthcare community.

PragManage™ helps you with:

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  • Patient Information Management
  • Patient Appointment Scheduling and Tracking
  • Back Office and Administrative Management
  • Patient Billing and Collections
  • Revenue Management and Reporting

Features and Benefits

Simple, Practical & Efficient Clinical Transformation Solutions

  • Freedom: Provides freedom to the patient community to select from a wide range of services connected together
  • Peace of mind: Provides multitasking options to the doctors, saving time and offers peace of mind
  • Future compliant: Developed upon a service oriented architecture that envelops a multitude of global standards enabling you to offer better care
  • Accessibility: Provides access to the patient health record anywhere, anytime
  • Portability: Allows healthcare providers to deliver services using handhelds and other portable devices
  • Connectivity: Connects you to the Pragmedic installed base of healthcare service providers PragManage
  • Reduce Costs: Reduce your overall clinical costs by reducing the amount of paper work and number of personnel involved in patient management
  • Increase Revenues:  Increased revenue by cutting down various steps involved in manual systems and by efficiently managing your practice workflows
  • Collaborative: Enable you to collaborate with other healthcare providers to share clinical knowledge and become the part of referral network

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Customer Driven SolutionCustomer Driven Solution
The simple and flexible design of PragManage™ conforms to the way your practice does business today. And because it runs on any windows compatible hardware platform, you can add hardware in affordable increments as your practice grows. PragManage™ multitasking capabilities and friendly graphical user interface shorten the learning curve so that new users can be up and running in days, not weeks or months.

Leading Edge SolutionLeading Edge Solution that fits to your needs
PragManage™ is designed to fit your current processes, size and structure, providing an easily adaptable solution as individual as your practice. Pragmedic offers you a winning solution that enables you to penetrate, retain and manage a multitude of growing patient base with value added services. PragManage™ provides you a leading edge solution enabling you to provide better care to your patients.

Flexible ArchitectureFlexible Architecture
PragManage™ is built upon the flexible architecture of Smart Client, allowing you to integrate custom features much more easily then with any of the Simple-Desktop-based and Web-based practice management systems. Its service oriented architecture provides an adaptive, responsive and rich interactive experience by leveraging local resources and intelligently connecting to distributed data sources.


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