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Pragmedic Solutions offers a unique array of physician solutions that provide immediate value to you and/or your physicians. Besides the fact that our solutions are the industry's most advanced toolsets available, we offer a contract like no other that we know of: monthly. That's right, if you decide to use any of our solutions, your only financial obligation is your next month's payment. That's all! (…and that won't be much either!)


Software Products

Our Product-Mix includes:

» PragManage™ (Pragmedic Practice Management Solution)

» PragRecord™ (Pragmedic Electronic Medical Record) Designed for Microsoft Windows Platform

» PragPortal™ (Pragmedic Electronic Medical Record with Patient Portal)

» PragEnterprise™ (EHR integrated with  Pragmedic’s products suite)

» PragPocket™ (PragRecord™ for PocketPCs)

» PHIMS (Pragmedic Hospital Information Management Solution)



Our Services Include:

» Medical Transcription Services

» Clinical Informatics Solution

» Dictation & Transcription Services

» Support Services

» eMarketing Solutions


Software Features

Some of the highlights of our solution in the form of benefits to the stakeholders, include the following:

Easy and efficient logging and retrieval of patient information
- Charting patient history and physicals.
- Elegant appearance of patient charts with user-friendly interface designed especially for the computer-phobic.
- Easy logging of active and inactive problems.

Better information for improving the efficiency and quality of healthcare
- Quick and easy selection of the appropriate, categorized, and authorized medications with instant prescriptions.
- Warning message for medication allergies.
- Computerized lab information.
- Up to date, practically categorized CPT and ICD-9 codes for easy selection and integration for billing purposes.

Increased Operating Efficiency and Workflow
- Increased patient flow and peak practice workflow performance.
- Efficiently manage and analyze the clinical process.
- More efficiently manage workflow with easily accessible patient charts and tasks such as orders, prescriptions and documentation.
- Accessibility to one source of centralized, patient information creating a single, comprehensive data source.
- Medical transcription interfacing with outsource or in-house transcription services

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